Nakijin Castle Remains

Back in the old days, there was a civil war period called “Sanzan Period,” and Ryukyu Kingdom was divided into 3 nations ? Hokuzan, Chuzan and Nanzan. Nakijin Castle was a castle of the Hokuzan’s King who ruled the area from northern Okinawa to Amami region. However, it was attacked by Sho Hashi who ruled Chuzan in 1416. After Sho Hashi unified 3 nations and Ryukyu Kingdom was born, Nakijin Castle was used as corrections officers’ castle who were sent by Ryukyuan Government. The length of the castle wall is 1.5 km long. The height is 8m tall at the highest place, and the scale of the whole castle is the 2nd biggest castle behind Shurijo Castle.

Image Provided by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau