Japan Covers Terms of Service

“Japan Covers”, a service for Twitter users (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), is provided by Modelcase, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). By using the Service, such users are deemed to have agreed with the provisions as set forth in these ToS.

(1) Use of the Service is limited to those Users who agreed with the provisions set forth in these ToS.
(2) Individuals at the age 13 or younger cannot use the Service.

2.Violation of these ToS
The Company reserves the right to take the following measures, without prior notice of any sort, in the event where the Users do not comply with the provisions set forth by these ToS or in the event where the said Users cause unreasonable inconvenience to other Users:
(1) Discontinuation to provide the Service; and
(2) Cancellation of User Eligibility;

3.Subscription and Connection Fees
(1) The subscription to the Service is free. When the Service is used, however, the Twitter account “TAIKEN JAPAN (@TAIKENJAPAN)” is automatically followed.
(2) Download(s) in relation to the Service and the use of the Service may incur connection charges. Users shall be responsible for such charges.

4. Use of User Information
Information provided by Users shall be carefully handled in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy.

(1) Advertisement(s) may be displayed from time to time during the use of the Service.
(2) The Service shall not be held responsible for Users’ use(s) of internet services based on the advertisements displayed on the Service.

6.Copyrights, etc.
(1) The copyrights to all of the programs, texts, layout and images that comprise the content of the Service shall be the property of the Company or any other rightful licensors. Except for the event where the Users use for their personal uses, they shall not reproduce, alter, and adapt the aforementioned for the other websites, printing media and any other recording media. Use of any content provided by this site without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.
(2)Users shall inform the Company in the event where the infringement of the intellectual property rights including the reproduction of the works of, or the copyright of the User themselves or other third parties come to their knowledge.

7. Disclaimer
(1)Users shall use the Service at their own responsibility. The Company is not held liable for any consequences in the event where the Users’ use of the Service cause them to violate the laws and regulations of Japan or any other countries.
(2)The Company is not held liable for any damages whatsoever incurred to Users or any third parties due to the use of the Service or the information obtained through the use of the Service (including those obtained through the advertisements displayed on the Service).
(3)The Company holds no responsibility for the Users use of the Service. In the event where the dispute arises between Users or Users and third parties, such dispute shall be resolved between the said Users and/or with the third parties, and the Company shall not be liable for resolving such dispute.

(1)Users are prohibited to engage in the acts as set forth below relating to the use of the Service:
(a)The act that causes or may cause disadvantages and damages, etc. to other Users, the Company or third parties;
(b)The act to edit, modify sell or distribute, etc. the images, data or programs on the Service;
(c)The act to post/distribute the information containing computer viruses, etc.;
(d)The act to violate or may violate the laws, regulations and public order; and
(e)Any other act that the Company deems inappropriate.
(2)Users agree to compensate for any damages in the event where the Company, other Users or any other third parties suffer the damages caused by the said Users’ violation of the prohibitions as provided in this article.

(1)The Company does not allow the acts as set forth below to take place at the websites linked to the Service:
(a)Imply that the Service guarantees the products or services by third parties;
(b)Use of the Company’s trademark for the Service without obtaining Company’s permission; and
(c)Posting of expressions or writings that may cause problems with other third parties including obscene expressions and offensive expressions.
(2)The Company reserves the right to remove the link that violate the aforementioned items, and take the appropriate measures.

10.Access Logs
The Company shall disclose the access log information including the Users’ devices, and the date the Service was used to public institutions, such as the police, a judicial court, or any other public institutions of proper authority as deemed by the Company, in the event where such institution formally requests such information.

11.Use of Cookies
(1)The Company uses a technology called Cookies on some of its pages for the purpose of providing more convenient service by providing more convenient functions for Users and collect the statistical information concerning the browsing status. We do not use the information saved on Cookies for the purposes other than those aforementioned. In addition, the information as saved on Cookies alone is not personally identifiable.
(2)Users can change the browser settings by themselves in order to reject the receipt of Cookies and let the alert prompted when Cookies are received. Please see the help menu provided for your browser, as the settings for Cookies vary from one browser to another.
(3)Please note that some of the content provided by the Service may become unavailable, in the event all of the Cookies are rejected.

12.Changes in these ToS
(1)The Company shall change these ToS at its own discretion at any time. Users shall verify these ToS at all times.
(2) These ToS following the change shall become effective at the time the changed ToS are presented on the Service, unless otherwise prescribed by the Company
(3) Users using the Service after the change of these ToS become effective, they shall be deemed to have agreed with all of the provisions under these ToS after the change.

13.Changes, Suspension, or Termination of the Service
Users shall acknowledge that the Company reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the service content provided by the Service, in whole or in part, without notification of any kind to Users. The Company is not liable for any damages whatsoever suffered by Users caused by the change, suspension or termination of the said Service.

14.Prevalence of the Japanese Version
The English version of these ToS is provided for the convenience of Users only, and Users shall agree that the Japanese version of these ToS shall be applied to the relationships between Users and the Company. Should there be any inconsistency or conflict between the Japanese version and the English version hereof, then the Japanese version shall prevail.

15. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction
In case of dispute on these ToS or the Service between Company and Users, it shall be subject to the jurisdiction at the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court as a court case for a first instance ToS jurisdiction.

16. Severability
In the event where any provision of these ToS, in whole or in part, is found to be invalid, or unenforceable, the remainder of these ToS shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

In the event where any of the parties that does not execute or practice the rights provided under these ToS, it does not waive the said party’s such rights

Prescribed on June 2, 2014